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I heard lolrenaynay asked people on Twitter to draw her Pathfinder character, and since I never use Twitter I thought I would post it here

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AWESOME CHARACTER! Going to need to show this to James, our creative director. He loves raptors and red heads and flowers (?).

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50 LGBTQ Characters in the Pathfinder RPG


Many have heard me and other members of the Paizo crew discuss our constant efforts to make the Pathfinder RPG a welcoming place for gamers of all stripes. Regardless, I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of pointing out places where we get things right (or make an honest attempt to get things right) in a professional venue. To me, that sounds like corporate bragging, and, worse, it sounds like marketing, when really it’s just people trying to be decent to each other.

That being said, I’ve had many readers ask me what Paizo products they can go to if they want to see more LGBTQ characters in Pathfinder. The answer’s a ton of places, literally dozens of adventures, sourcebooks, novels, and more.

So, for my personal reference, for your use (because if you’re here you’re an interested, charming, wonderful person), and for the guidance of those about to ask, I’ve assembled this list of 50 LGBTQ characters from the Pathfinder RPG. These are the first 50 characters who either leapt to mind or were on hand, and as such the sources and dates are skewed toward more recent characters. That also means that this is incredibly far from a comprehensive list. If you’re interested in the particulars of a character’s gender, sexuality, portrayal, role, or other specifics, I encourage you to either check out the PDF of the book in question or ask your fellow gamers on the product discussions linked with each. Additionally, at the end I’ve included a few links to past (and one future) discussions about LGBTQ topics and inclusivity in the Pathfinder RPG and the wider RPG world.

Hopefully these will be helpful next time you have a could-be gamer friend who says “I don’t know if that’s for me.” Turns out, Pathfinder’s for everybody, so come play!

50 LGBTQ Pathfinder RPG Characters

Azaz Arafe & Khelru (2014)

Lovers in the Scorched Hand

Pathfinder Adventure Path #79


Bors & Roshad (2014)

Married Members of the Iridian Fold

Redemption Engine


Dredge (2014)

Gender-Fluid Halfling Rogue

Pathfinder Adventure Path #79


Lady Sophronia (2014)

Gender-Fluid Ghost

Pathfinder Adventure Path #82


Muminofrah (2014)

Bombastic Noblewoman

Pathfinder Adventure Path #81


Vera & Xulaine (2014)

Cleric of Cayden Cailean and Sweettalker

Redemption Engine


Agrit Staginsdar & Sara Morninghawk (2013)

Prominent Couple in Trunau

Towns of the Inner Sea


Alexius Demetri & Lycio Vallant (2013)

Owners of the Heldren Sawmill

Pathfinder Adventure Path #67


Aron Kir & Sosiel Vaenic (2013)

Heroic Lovers from Kenabres

Pathfinder Adventure Path #74


Arshea (2013)

Empyreal Lord of Freedom, Physical Beauty, and Sexuality

Pathfinder Adventure Path #2, Inner Sea World Guide, Chronicle of the Righteous


Bella Belvorica & Solveig Ayrdahl (2013)

Duty-Parted Lovers in Whitethrone

Pathfinder Adventure Path #68


Cesseer of Ning (2013)

An Ukara or “battleflower” from the Suzerainty of Ning on Triaxus (Ukara renounce all outward expressions of gender and are sought after as consorts regardless of gender or sexuality)

Pathfinder Adventure Path #70


Irabeth & Anevia (2013)

Married Heroes of the Worldwound

Pathfinder Adventure Path #73, Online Discussion


Lona Orames & Duranna Alnurris (2013)

Cloud Giant Lovers

Castles of the Inner Sea



Half-Elf Magus in Artrosa (2013)

Pathfinder Adventure Path #69


Porfirio & Dragomir (2013)

Crusader Lovers

King of Chaos


Princess Cassisoche & Lady Ilya (2013)

Princess of Irrisen and Proprietress of the Frosthall Theater in Whitethrone

Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter


Esmerelda Darkshadow (2012)

Tragic Eldritch Knight

NPC Codex


Filario Grantsliem (2012)

Desperate Member of the Gray Maidens

Pathfinder Adventure Path #62


Herifax & Kanya (2012)

Harpy and Catfolk Lovers

Pathfinder Adventure Path #63


Mother Lanani Shabu (2012)

Halfling Tribe Leader

NPC Codex


Salty Chuzek & Dagoros Wildrum (2012)

Monster Hunters in Myscurial

Isles of the Shackles


Variel (2012)

Adventurer Father of Varian Jeggare

Queen of Thorns


Vonran Vilk (2012)

Former Pathfinder Society Master of Blades

Pathfinder Society Scenario 3-16: The Midnight Mauler


Aaqir al’Hakam & Emir Thalzar Gaatan (2011)

Qadira Faction Head, Raising Three Adopted Daughters with Husband

Pathfinder Society


Molly & Marzalee the Weaver (2011)

Dwarf and Ant Queen Partners

The Harrowing


Sonnorae (2011)

Creator of the Harrow

The Harrowing, Occult Mysteries, Online Discussion


Vitta (2011)

Master Thief and Lock-Breaker

Worldwound Gambit


Elias Sayer and the Tallow Boys (2010)

Head of an Organization of Gay Information Brokers

City of Strangers


Queen Illeosa & Sabina Merrin (2008)

Ruler of Korvosa and Bodyguard

Pathfinder Adventure Path #7


Cyrdark Drokkus & Sir Jasper Korvaski (2007)

Prominent Couple in Sandpoint

Pathfinder Adventure Path #1


Kyra & Merisiel (2006, 2013)

Pathfinder Iconic Characters

Pathfinder Comic, Volume 5


Inclusivity and Diversity in RPGs

Besides the characters noted above, the following includes just a few of the articles, interviews, seminars, and ongoing discussions that touch on GLTBQ topics and inclusivity in the Pathfinder RPG.

Diversity in Gaming (Upcoming; Gen Con 2014)

Paizocon: Diversity in Gaming (2014)

The Inclusive Fantasy World of Pathfinder (2013)

Know Direction: Homosexuality in Golarion Podcast (2013)

Podcast, Transgender Characters Note

Gen Con 2012: Queer as a Three-Sided Die Panel (2012)

Joe Carriker, Jeremy Crawford, Steve Kenson, and Wes Schneider

Part 1, Part 2

Homosexuality in Golarion, Paizo Messageboards (2008)


It was nice to meet some of you at SDCC. This craft-project would have bee useful at times during that humid span of days. I recommend printing out on sturdy stock!

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