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So my alchemist just transferred her life essence into the Runelord of Lust’s clone and severed said Runelord’s tie to the clone with a pool of dispel found WITHIN said Runelord’s sex chambers! Tonight was a good night! 

Thaaaaaat’s awesome! And might might be one of the best parts of that whole Adventure Path. So glad you guys are digging it!

I’m sure things will continue to go fine for you and there will be no ramifications to inhabiting an ancient archvillain’s body.


Well, someone who knows how to write a damn fine “thank you” card! Thanks a ton @leviamiles! Entirely our pleasure!

What's with your 'Ha' comment on the D&D post? Can't handle a little rain on Paizo's parade?



I thought the last comment was funny. :)

Folks might not believe, but the edition war only lives on the internet. Most of us are buds with the guys who make D&D and pretty much all of us have worked for one another in the past. The RPG industry’s too small for petty rivalries. Especially if the rivalry is “who’s most inclusive.”

I don’t really see a loser in that “fight.”

You just watch, I’m going to be WAY more inclusive than you’ll ever be!


 I still don’t know how to gif.

That’s pretty good… whoever you are. 0_o